01.06.2010 graphic design, web development, print management Chopin Open 2010 Music festival event design

The Chopin Open La Folle Journée was the first
commercial event organized in Warsaw, Poland
at 10-13.06.2010 that presents classical music
in a rather popular “non-classical” way. Festival
entailed about 120 concerts held in four auditoriums
and engaged approximately 450 musicians from
all over the world.

F11 Studio had won the competition for the poster
realization. Finally F11 was the author of the
whole communication concept including identification
design, prints, movies, website - every single id element
connected with mentioned event.


  • logo design
  • event design
  • information design / public space
  • functional specification
  • support
  • site architecture
  • content management
  • newsletters
  • project management
  • development
  • deployment
  • maintenance
  • preliminary project cost estimate
  • selection of appropriate technology
  • preparation of technical specification
  • preparation of print material
  • project schedule drafting
  • printing, binding, postpress & quality control