29.09.2011 graphic design, print management Les Titans 2011 Music festival event design

La Folle Journée is a series of music events,
implemented since 1995. This year the 2nd
edition of this Festival is taking place in Warsaw.
starting at 29th of September.
The classical music popularization idea
remains - bring the classical music to the
widest possible audience, to inspire them
and very often get started with classical
music, open new horizons for the reception
of art and discover new fascinations.

Like in previous year, F11 was responsible
for the whole event graphic preparation
and adopted French key visual on every
single media aspect.


  • event design
  • information design / public space
  • preliminary project cost estimate
  • drafting of technical project parameters
  • selection of appropriate technology
  • preparation of technical specification
  • preparation of print material
  • project schedule drafting
  • printing, binding, postpress & quality control